Sportfishing - Cabo San Lucas

Fish with the winners!

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Why Choose Picante?

Everyone who comes aboard a Picante Sportfishing Charter will experience our reliable consistency, 100% customer satisfaction, and commitment to excellence.


Picante opened its office on the Cabo Marina in January, 1995. Since then, our office has been open from 6AM to 8PM, 363 days a year; only closed for Christmas and New Years Day (24 years perfect record). This consistency is why customer, hotel clients, guest referral, and return guests have come to rely on Picante as Cabo San Lucas’ number 1 Sportfishing Charter Fleet.

When it comes to our yachts and fishing gear, we spare no expense in providing our guests with a first class Cabo fishing experience. What does this mean?

  • All yachts are professionally maintained for performance and safety.
  • All fishing gear is replaced regularly.
  •  Our fishing line is changes annually to ensure all fished hooked. can make it to the boat.
  • All Captains and mates are local men that have a passion for fishing and customer service.

100% Customer Satisfaction

At Picante, the job is done when we’ve met or exceeded your expectations. We strive to provide the best Cabo fishing charter experience to our guests. Our crews are not satisfied unless they have put you on the fish; we will run as far and as fast as needed to find the best fishing grounds that day.

Commitment to Excellence

Picante Sportfishing is constantly working to improve your fishing experience. Whether upgrading our boat electronics, getting new fishing gear, promoting safety, or attending to guest needs, Picante’s commitment to excellence can be seen in all aspects of the Sportfishing Charter experience. We regularly communicate with our crew that Picante standards are higher than any other Cabo Charter fleet, and that it’s our job to create a Cabo fishing trip that exceeds all expectations.

The first class experience provided at Picante is based on my own personal travel needs, where first class service is expected— and demanded. This is why Picante is committed to excellence.