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Picante Fishing report Finger Bank “Marlin capital of the world”

Air:HIGH 77 °F / LOW 63 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 77.5 °F – 79 °F | Pacific 77.5 °F – 79.5 °F
Wind:SE 3 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Sierra Mackerel
Today’s Date:January 3, 2019

Daily Fishing Report:

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places to enjoy deep sea sport fishing that’s why it’s the “Marlin Capital of the world”. The waters here are filled with big game catches anglers can fish a good prized such as Big Tuna, Marlin and Dorado to name a few that’s why we have several tournaments and this is because we have the better of two oceans (Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez).

Fishing know continues been good just with a couple days with a little wind but most of the days are been great the best fishing spot was Finger Bank, but if you prefer stay close the fishing it’s good too on the Pacific side by Golden Gate Bank this is 15 miles to the north and is known as the best place to fish in Cabo San Lucas and the other one is the Lighthouse this is a landmark that is used like a point reference just south of there between 2 and 15 miles out.

 The best bait/lure was the Mackerell bait, but the artificial are doing their fair share of catching too, as the fish are extraordinarily eager as they come into the trolling patterns.

We going to start this report with our Primer boat the Picante 45 a 45ft CABO Express they release 2 Striped Marlin and boated 3 Dorados by Lighthouse.

Picante Pride our 36ft CABO Express release 12 Striped Marlin by Finger Bank.

Picante Dream our 35ft Flybridge release 1 Striped Marlin and boated 3 Dorados by Golden Bank.

Cisco our 35ft CABO Express release 2 Striped Marlin by Golden Gate Bank and release 3 Striped Marlin more by Lighthouse.

Ram Rod a 31ft Albermarle Express release 2 Striped Marlin and 1 Dorado by Lighthouse and Expresso our 31ft CABO Express release 5 Striped Marlin and boated 1 Dorados & 1 Yellowfin Tuna.

Picante Express release 17 Striped Marlin by Finger Bank and 2 Striped Marlin more by Lighthouse and Salsa our 35ft CABO Express release 3 Striped Marlin and boated 12 Yellowfin Tuna.

Our Picante 40ft Tollycraft release 2 Striped Marlin and boated 2 Dorados.

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Total Catch:

Striped Marlin 49, Dorado  10, Yellowfin Tuna 13 and Jack Crevalle 4

Hotspots:Finger Bank, Golden Gate Bank and Lighthouse
 Top Boat:Express 32ft CABO Express
Captain:Fernando Rodriguez
Angler:Mark Cardillo
Caught:17 Striped Marlin