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FISHING REPORT - June 2022 - Picante Sportfishing

Yellowfin tuna aboard the Salsa
Yellowfin tuna aboard the Salsa
Summer time is here and so the Dorado, Wahoo and Yellowfin tuna and there are already reports of Black marlin!June started slowly, but as the days went by the spotted dolphins made their appearance and with them the Tuna! Which ranged from 15 to 30 lbs. The Striped marlin maintained its numbers with weights between 100 lbs and beautiful specimens of 150 lbs on the Sea of Cortez side.The best bait/lure was Caballito and live mackerel Some of the best fishing spots this month were: at Cortez side, 95 spot, Cabeza de ballena, Punta Gorda and the 11:50.

Learn more about the fishing in Cabo San Lucas and take a look at our Cabo fishing calendar to know the species most likely to bite during Spring. During April and May, there may be Dorado, Swordfish and Striped marlin, plus early arriving of Yellowfin tuna as the crew say “Sopeton” Spring tunas, which are already beginning to be seen.

Cabo San Lucas Weather Conditions

Air: HIGH 87 °F / LOW 77 °F
Water: SEA OF CORTEZ 81 °F | PACIFIC 78 °F
Humidity: 62 %
Wind: 5-15 mph
Fish Available: Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Roosterfish

Today’s Date: June 30th, 2022

31’ CABO Express Picante Expresso released 8 Striped marlin weighing around 100-120 lb, they also boated 5 nice Yellowfin tuna, and 3 Mahi mahi.Albermarle 31’ Ram Rod released 2 Striped Marlin a landed 3 yellowfin tuna more for the count plus a Dorado.32’ Cabo Express, Picante Express, released 14 Striped marlin, and boated 12 Yellowfin and one dorado for dinner!

Picante Dream, 35’ Cabo Flybridge, released 8 striped Marlin, landed 6 tuna more for the count and 8 Dorado.Salsa, the Cabo Express 35’ had 10 Striped Marlin released for the archive plus 25 fatty Yellowfin tunas for sashimi and 4 Dorado for the count.Picante Pride, Cabo Express 36’ released 18 Striped marlin and landed 4 Yellowfin tuna and 5 Dorado.

The 45’ Cabo Express, Picante 45 released 11 Striped Marlin, landed 12 yellowfin tuna, plus 2 more dorado for the plate.Caliente 45, Cabo Express 45’ released 15 Striped marlin for the archive, boated 7 yellowfin tuna and 6 dorado.

June Fish Count

Please note that the number of specimens does not reflect the number of charters of each yacht.

This June we were pleased to be sponsors of the Annual Stars & Stripes tournament like every year since its establishment, this 2022 was the 25th Anniversary of this charity event in Cabo, a total of 56 teams registered to fish on June 24th where our crew and boats Picante Dream, Salsa, Picante Pride and Caliente 45 were participating with great results. Picante Dream obtained First place with the largest Yellowfin tuna 28.1 lb, and Second place in the Dorado category with a nice bull of 45 lb; while the Salsa team won first place in the Release category with 3 Striped Marlin released.

Enjoy the June digital edition of Pacific Coast SportFishing Magazine with news and articles about the saltwater world here

We are excited and more than ready and prepared for the next Tournament season, the entire Picante fleet is already booked for Bisbee’s Black & Blue, but we still have yacht options for the Bisbee’s Offshore. Write or call us, fish with the winners!2022 Bisbee´s DatesBisbee’s Offshore October 20-23Bisbee’s Black & Blue October 25-29

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