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February 2022 – Fishing Report –

February 2022 Fishing Report

Triple and double hooking on Striped Marlin
Spring is almost here! Greetings from the beautiful and sunny Cabo San Lucas!
February really went by fast, but it was a great month for our customers, several Striped marlin released, good loads of fish to eat and plenty of fighting, jumping billfish and laughter to remember a lifetime aboard the Picante fleet.


The best bait/lure was caballitos, mackerel and lures.The best fishing spots this February were: Los Arcos, Golden Gate and the Sea of Cortez side 95 and Palmilla fishing spots.March Inshore fishing looks great for Sierra, Skipjack, Snapper and Pompano, all good for the plate! Yummi!

Learn more about the fishing in Cabo San Lucas and take a look at our Cabo Fishing  –  Calendar to know the species most likely to bite during Spring.

Leaving the Cabo San Lucas Bay to go fishing!

Cabo San Lucas Weather Conditions

Air: HIGH 74 °F / LOW 64 °F
Humidity: 47 %
Wind: 7-15 mph
Fish Available: Striped Marlin, Dorado, Sierra, Snapper, Grouper

Today’s Date: : March 3rd, 2022

Picante Expresso the Cabo Express 31’ released 28 Striped marlin and boated 2 wahoo and 6 Dorado plus 1 Bonita for the count.
The Ram Rod released 15 Striped marlin and landed 2 mahi mahi (Dorado).
Picante Express, 32 ft Cabo Express released 34 Striped Marlin, they also boated 1 nice Wahoo.
Salsa, Cabo Express 35’ had a great Striped Marlin month, the Salsa crew and clients released 38 Striped Marlin, they also boated 3 bonitas and 6 dorado.
The average weight of the Mahi mahi aka Dorado this february was around 15-25 lbs
The 35’ Cabo Flybridge, Picante Dream released 25 Striped marlin bye the Cortes side.
Picante Pride, 36’ had a great Marlin fishing month, they released 45 Striped marlin and a Sailfish. They also loaded 6 Bonita and 7 Dorado.
The Picante 40’ Tollycraft released 16 Striped marlin and caught a Wahoo, they also boated 5 nice Bonita for dinner.
Picante 45, Cabo Express 45 ft released 41 Striped Marlin, landed 4 bonitas and 6 Dorado.
Caliente 45, Cabo Express 45 ft released 25 Striped marlin, and boated 8 Dorado
The average weight of the Striped marlin this february was around 110-150 lbs



Consider that the catches are the total during the specific month and do not reflect the number of charters that each boat had.

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You can always talk with your Captain in the morning before your fishing about what is your main target and the hot fishing spots in Cabo San Lucas, remember that we support the Catch and release practice for all the Marlin for the conservation of the species, the ones like dorado, sierra, grouper, snapper, tuna, yellowtail we clean and fillet it so you can take it to your favorite restaurant.Give us a call or email to book your charter with the best Captains in the business.
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