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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report September 12th, 2019

Air:HIGH 89 °F / LOW 79 °F
Water:SEA OF CORTEZ 83 °F – 85 °F | PACIFIC 81 °F – 84 °F
Wind:ESE 11 mph
Fish Available:Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna,  Dorado & Wahoo
Today’s Date:September 12, 2019

Daily Fishing Report:

Fishing in Cabo is off the hook right now!!

The Marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas is really heating up with larges striped, blue and black marlin, this is the hottest fishing has been all year in Los Cabos.

If Marlin is on your bucket list now in the time to hook up a big one in Cabo and collect a great memories with your group!!!

Last week our Picante fleet was very active with a lot of billfish action, as well Dorado starting to show up around and keep an eye, the wahoo season in Cabo San Lucas is approaching as well.

Picante 45 our 45ft CABO Express have a great week again they were reelin´em with 7 gorgeous striped marlin all successfully caught and released.

Salsa  35ft CABO Express do it again and end the week with 5 Striped Marlin caught and released with a slow trolling and they use caballito bait., also they boated 3 Mahi  (Dorado)

Express 32ft CABO Express have a great grand slam they caught and released 2 blues and 1 striped marlin and also boated 1 Mahi (Dorado)

Expresso 31ft CABO Express have a good day and happy anglers,  they caught and released 1 striped marlin and boated 1 Dorado

Picante a 40ft Tollycraft released 1 Striped Marlin.

Bait: Live mackerel or caballito for marlin with success from trolled lures and live bait for the surface fish, and Dorados hit trolled lures

Hot spot: This week the focus are was the pacific side:  Golde Gate bank, Sam Jaime bank and the 45.

There are two techniques for fishing in Cabo San Lucas, trolling and casting.

a) The Trolling technique is very effective we troll artificial lures and sometimes live bait. When trolling, we put 4 or 5 fishing lines in the water with artificial lures (all sizes and colors) and we go at a speed of 8-9 knots per hour in order for the lures to work right. Trolling requires lots of patience and luck.

b) The Casting technique is applied when the captain sees a fish afloat (Striped Marlin, Sailfish and Swordfish) and gets as close as possible in order to throw live bait to it. This technique is very exciting because you have the opportunity to see the fish go for the live bait and get hooked.

Whether you’re looking to go dorado fishing, marlin fishing, or tuna fishing, Picante Sportfishing has the best charter boats, and captains to make your Cabo fishing trip an unforgettable experience. We invite you to get in touch so we can answer your questions, and help plan your next Cabo deep sea fishing adventure!

Total Catch:15 Striped Marlin, 2 Blue Marlin & 6 Dorados
Hotspots:Golden Gate bank, San Jaime bank, The 45 & San Lucas canyon
 Top Boat:Picante 45   45ft CABO Express
Captain:David Lieras
Angler:Dany Young
Caught:5 Striped Marlin released