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Cabo Fishing Report – Oct 2023 – Picante Sportfishing

FISHING REPORT - October 2023 - Picante Sportfishing

Dorado overload fishing report
October is an exciting month to be in Cabo, it kicks off the season with tournament atmosphere, lots of Marlin action and meat fish variety.
There were Yellowfin tuna and Dorado to go around for guests to take fresh filets to restaurants at the marina and some good packages to home.
The best bait/lure was Caballito, mackerel and hoochiesSome of the best Cabo fishing spots this October were: Golden gate, San Jaime and Migriño
Enjoy the pictures!

End of year means many species around! Do you want to know what fish you will find in Cabo during winter? Take a look at our Cabo fishing – Calendar

Cabo San Lucas Weather Conditions

Air: HIGH 88 °F / LOW 78 °F
Water: SEA OF CORTEZ 83 °F | PACIFIC 81 °F
Humidity: 61 %
Wind: 8 – 15 kts
Fish Available: Dorado, Yellowfin tuna, Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Wahoo

Today’s Date: November 3rd, 2023

The 31’ Cabo Express, Picante Expresso released 15 Striped marlin, landed 65 Dorado and 10 Yellowfin tuna. They also boated 1 nice wahoo.The Albermarle 31’ Ram Rod released 10 Striped marlin, and boated 25 nice Dorado plus 2 Tuna for the count.The 32’ Cabo Express, Picante Express released 13 Striped marlin, plus 21 Dorado, 5 Yellowfin tuna and 1 Wahoo.

Wahoo and Dorado for everyone!

The 35’ Cabo Flybridge, Picante Dream, released 16 Striped marlin and 1 Black marlin, for dinner they got 6 Yellowfin tuna and 20 Dorado.Picante Pride, Cabo express 36’, released 15 Striped marlin and catch 15 Yellowfin tuna and 57 Mahi mahi.The Picante 40’ released 12 Striped marlin, boated 10 yellowfin tuna and 42 Dorado.

Nice Swordfish aboard the Picante 45

The 45’ Cabo Express Picante 45 catch and released 13 Striped marlin and landed 33 Dorado.

Caliente 45, Cabo Express 45’ released 16 Striped marlin and got 38 Dorado.

October fish count. Note that the number of catches does not reflect the number of charters of each boat.
194 lb Cow Tuna aboard the Picante Pride


Bisbee’s Black and Blue (B&B) and Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore (LCO) tournamentsTWO IN ONE

This year was a very different year as far as Bisbees is concerned, due to Hurricane Norma which hit the area on Friday October 20th night, the organizers decided that it was a great idea to bring together the two largest and most anticipated tournaments of the region in one and thus not having to cancel the LCO, the complaints did not take long to appear because the competition would be high while the time and fishing opportunity would decrease from five days to only two, in the end the teams that stayed joined the excitement of a million-dollar tournament and accepted the designs of Mother Nature, both B&B and LCO tournaments took place on October 26th and 27th… here are the results.
Bisbee´s pays out a Record Breaking $4.4 M Dollar check, the largest single check given out in the tournament’s 43 year history.
Rocky Mountain Hookers team landed a grande 501 lb Blue Marlin on Day 2 giving them 1st Place overall with an impressive $3.6 M Dollar check for themTeam Stella June landed a 368 pound Black Marlin on Day 1 taking the Daily and the Jackpots up to the $10,000 earning them 2nd Place overall with a 4.4 M Dollar checkMarlin Release Category Winners1st Place LCO & B&B $60,775 and $104,975 : Team Pour Decisions with 2 Blue Marlin released2nd Place LCO $21,037 : Team Bacco with 1 Black Marlin released2nd Place  $36,337 : Team Reel Estate with 1 Blue Marlin released3rd Place LCO : $11,687 USD :Team Magic Touch – with 1 Blue Marlin released3rd Place B&B : $20,187 – Team Bacco with 1 Black Marlin releasedLos Cabos Offshore WinnersDay 1 Dorado Daily Jackpot $43,350: Team Go Deep Cabo with a 37.5 pounderDay 2 Dorado Daily Jackpot & 1st Place Overall $73,380 USD: Team C Student with a 50.2 pounderDay 1, Day 2 Tuna Daily jackpot & 1st Place Overall  $116,730 USD: Team North Star with a 93.8 lbs and a 236 lbs yellowfin tuna respectively.
Congratulations to all the winners!!
The Cabo Tuna Jackpot Tournament started yesterday and we are participating with 5 great teams. For Live Updates from the Docks in Cabo San Lucas follow Picante Sportfishing on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK!

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