Sportfishing - Cabo San Lucas

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March 26th to April 1st, 2018

Air:High 83 °F / Low 61 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 73 °F – 75 °F | Pacific 69 °F – 71 °F
Humidity:27 %
Wind:15  mph SW
Fish Available:Dorado, Striped Marlin, Snapper,  Sierra Mackerel Yellowfin Tuna,  Bonita & Roosterfish
Today’s Date:April 2nd, 2018

Weekly Fishing Report:

Our charter clients are feasting on the abundance the found a great school of Yellowfin Tuna and a plenty of Bonitas and Sierras that are being caught each day on the Pacific Side of the peninsula, the smokehouse are busy as our clients are taking their fresh fish back to the states to enjoy it.  Also we are having a great week releasing a Striped Marlin.

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Fish with the Winners!

Team Picante

Total Weekly Catch:

11 Striped Marlin, 20 Yellowfin Tuna, 27 Bonitas, 20 Sierras & 2 Roosterfish

Hotspots:Pacific side, Golden Gate, 1150
 Week Top Boat: Picante Expresso
Captain:Jesus Beltran
Angler:Chris Wilson, Sean Ricem Criss Cox & Jim Stinsor
Caught: 16 Yellowfin Tuna