Sportfishing - Cabo San Lucas

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Feb 19-25 2018

Air:High 74 °F / Low 60 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 71 °F – 73 °F / Pacific 67 °F – 71 °F
Humidity:52 %
Wind:11  mph WNW
Fish Available:Dorado, Striped Marlin, Snapper,  Sierra Mackerel & Yellowfin Tuna
Today’s Date:February 26, 2018

Weekly Fishing Report:

We had a cold wave here in Cabo San Lucas that lasted a couple of days and the water was kind of rough but fishing was still strong. Marlin is still very strong, Yellowfin tuna and Dorado numbers were down, as can be expected for this time of the year, but the Sierra Mackerel it´s always a good option too!Plan your next Cabo fishing charter with time and allow us to make the best out of it.

Fish with the Winners!

Team Picante

Total Weekly Catch:Dorado 10,  Striped Marlin 20, Sierra Mackerel 15, Yellowfin Tuna 12 & Red Snapper 5
Hotspots:San Jaime, Lighthouse and Golden Gate
Weeks Top Boat:Cisco, Express, Caliente, Picante 40  and Picante 45
Angler:Kaleo Group
Caught: 7 marlins, 3 dorados