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Why May’s A Great Time to Fish Cabo!

May is here, and if you’re wondering what’s biting this month, read on to discover the top fish to look for in Cabo San Lucas. The legendary “Cabo Bite”, is on fire during May, so get here for a piece of the awesome action.

May is a great time to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas, and to target the impressive striped marlin. It’s one of the most popular fish in Cabo San Lucas and is available during this month. We know striped marlin for their strength, agility, and incredible acrobatics while on the line. May is the midpoint of striped marlin season in Cabo San Lucas. The tropical waters draw them here, and create the ideal feeding environment complete with squid, anchovies, and other small fish.

If you come to Cabo San Lucas in May, you’ll have a good chance of catching plenty nice yellowfin tuna. During the spring, yellowfin tuna is one of the most popular catches off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. They put up a big fight and can weigh hundreds of pounds by the time they mature. Its bright yellow dorsal fin is how you’ll recognize a yellowfin tuna. The yellowfin tuna is a pelagic fish. They enjoy the sunny waters near the surface zone where they can feed. In May, you can find yellowfin tuna in deeper waters in large schools which include other species of tuna.

The wahoo is one of the most distinct fish found here in Cabo San Lucas. Their remarkable length and lightning fast speed have made them a popular choice for fishermen in the Baja. Fishing for wahoo guarantees anglers a good run. The wahoo’s strength, speed, brains, and sharp teeth give them everything they need to thwart even the more experienced fishermen. You’ll find wahoo near shore alone but can be in a group if the spot is hot. They love the rich feeding opportunities and warm water found off Baja.

Visiting Cabo San Lucas in May offers travelers great fishing and an amazing experience. Gorgeous weather and low crowds make for the ultimate vacation. You can expect to have a perfect day on the water, surrounded by stunning views and a tropical breeze. May is as good a time as any to come visit this fishing paradise! Get in touch to book your fishing trip today.