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When Is Cabo San Lucas Open For Travel?

Over the past several months, Baja and Cabo San Lucas have followed a plan to contain the Covid-19 outbreak. In an effort to prevent spread of the virus, all non-essential businesses, schools, and gatherings have been on hold. During this time, social distancing and extra sanitation measures have been in effect as well. Many travelers are wondering when their favorite destination will be open for travel. We&rsquoll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Cabo San Lucas travel after Covid-19 shut downs.

When Can I Travel To Cabo San Lucas After Covid-19?

While the situation surrounding the virus has been ever-evolving, Baja plans to end the current phase of containment closures on May 30th. Non-essential businesses, which includes those in the tourism and travel industry, will be able to open up again on June 1st. Beaches have been closed, and will be opened again on this day as well.

Will Safety Measures Still Be In Place?

Baja will continue to promote safety measures like increased hand washing social distancing when possible. Businesses will be implementing increased sanitation and making sure staff are healthy.

Can I Fly In And Out With Confidence?

Yes. Through the state&rsquos initiative &ldquoClean Point&rdquo, travelers can travel and have assurance about having safe travels in the coming months. The program takes travelers temperatures and includes a short questionnaire about risk factors. This will allow for travel to resume while keeping everyone safe.

When Will Hotels And Resorts Reopen?

Most hotels and resorts will reopen on June 1st. They will be taking part in the Clean Point program as travel reopens.

We hope this answers your questions about traveling to Cabo San Lucas after the Covid-19 closures. When you visit next time, you may notice the extra attention we&rsquoll be making over the coming weeks and months. At Picante Sportfishing, staff and crew have a protocol of hygienic practices and cleaning in work areas to make your fishing a safe and enjoyable experience. After several months of closure, travel will be possible again soon with most businesses and activities permitted starting June 1st. Health and safety will still be a priority, and will allow Cabo to open up for travel. Check back for updates and subscribe to our newsletter for more info about Cabo, travel, and news.