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Texas Anglers Love Cabo Fishing (And You Should Too!)

Texans Loves Fishing in Cabo!

Every year, we see dozens of anglers who come from Texas to experience the unmistakable thrill of a Cabo fishing trip with Picante Sportfishing. But it’s not just for Texans, and it’s not some strange coincidence. In fact, folks from all over come to fish in Cabo, and they all have one thing in common.

Experience some of The Best Fishing of Your Life

Picante Sportfishing has been around for a while, and it’s for good reason. We started the company after winning Bisbee’s prestigious fishing tournament in 1994, and went on to assemble one of the best charter fleet the world has ever seen.

We were successful then, and we are more successful now, because we made sure our culture, and the fishing we provide to our clients, is on par with that same winning attitude that allowed us to open up shop in the first place. It’s been 25 years, and we’re not slowing down. In fact, we’ve recently added a new awesome boat to our fleet, which in many ways isn’t all that new.

With its top-of-the-line performance, and smooth red finish, the handsome 45′ CABO Express “Caliente 45” is the ultimate symbol of our winning history, and a homecoming of sorts for Picante. You see, back in the day we used to have another boat named “Caliente”, and it too was an exceptional vessel&mdashboth in style and comfort. We continue to improve, and upgrade our fleet, because we want to provide a luxury fishing trip to each and every client. Picante’s “Caliente 45” is just another reason to get out here and experience the thrill that awaits.

Other Cabo sportfishing companies may try to copy our style, but they’ll never match up to what we’ve done, and continue to do, year after year. That’s why folks come from Texas, the east coast, the west coast, and all over! Because we offer a world class fishing experience for the whole family, in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable.

It’s the fishing, the food, the beaches, and the arch. It’s the whole package, and we do a pretty good job of encapsulating that here at Picante Sportfishing. We hope you’ll give us a chance to show you a good time.