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Summer Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

What’s It Like to Fish Cabo in Summer?

Thinking of coming to Cabo this summer? We have everything going on! From striped marlin, to rooster fish, yellowfin tuna, and beyond. The fishing opportunities are all around, and the weather is amazing! If you’re looking to make the trip, read on to learn what you can expect to catch during the hot months of June, July and August. We think you’ll have a great time!


June Fishing in Cabo

Striped Marlin

Striped marlin are often biting big during the month of June in Cabo San Lucas. We find them offshore in hotspots such as the Finger Banks and the 1150 spot. Fishing for striped marlin can be done by trolling or by spotting them as they sun near the surface.

Rooster Fish

June is also one of the peak months for catching roosterfish in Cabo San Lucas. Roosterfish is a great choice because they are unique to the area, only inhabiting the waters of Cabo and to the south. Try your hand at sight casting these unique trophy fish, and enjoy the thrill of their fight and impressive appearance.


Grouper are a popular choice for June fishing. They can reach massive size, ranging from fifteen pounds all the way up to 100 pounds! These are bottom fish, and can be a challenge to wrestle them up from the depths. You’ll recognize this fish by their distinctive suction mouth and leopard-spotted pattern.

July Fishing in Cabo

Black Marlin

July is when black marlin fishing really starts to heat up in Cabo San Lucas. Black marlin are an apex predator, and are highly successful in hunting the reefs and sea caves off of Cabo San Lucas. Hot spots include the San Jaime Bank and the Gordo Bank. Get their interest by using bait, and prepare for their trademark strength on the line.

Blue Marlin

Blue marlin fishing in Cabo San Lucas is considered excellent beginning in July. This legendary fish typically weigh several hundred pounds, and can grow up to around a thousand pounds. Their size and impressive fight make them a very popular choice for anglers. Cabo anglers have produced some of the largest blue marlin, and they are an integral species come tournament season. You’ll need some heavy equipment and physical strength to contend with the mega sized blue marlin. The best time to target blue marlin is on a clear day with good visibility into the water.

Yellowfin Tuna

During July we see many days of good yellowfin tuna fishing. There is a good chance of catching multiple yellowfin tuna in one day because of their schooling behavior. Yellowfin tuna average around 20 pounds, and have a big personality on the line. This gorgeous fish is prized among Cabo anglers, and is a great choice for July fishing.

August Fishing in Cabo


August is one of the best times to target Wahoo, one of Cabo’s fastest fish! If you can manage to hook one of these stealthy swimmers, it’s a big deal. You’ll quickly recognize wahoo by their distinctive lengthy body and stripes. They can be found in Cabo ranging in weight from 50 to 100 pounds.


During August, striped marlin, black marlin, and blue marlin are all in high availability. If you are interested in having the ultimate Cabo marlin fishing trip, come in August when there are plenty of opportunities. A full day trip is recommended for serious marlin fans, with the potential for a good number of hook ups.


Dorado is one of the favorites in Cabo San Lucas, and are a top pick for the month of August. These incredible fish have it all: physical beauty, impressive size, and tons of fight. You’ll be thrilled with their big jumps and acrobatics, and their strength on the line.

Nothing Beats Summer Fishing in Cabo!

As you can see, summer fishing in Cabo San Lucas is extremely fun for professional and casual anglers alike. Let us hook you up with the trip of a lifetime, and show you what you’ve been missing. Please contact us today so we can answer your questions, and help you plan your adventure.