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Striped Marlin Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

The striped marlin are kings of the ocean, and use their intelligence as well as strength to thrive as the apex predator. The primary feeding technique used by striped marlin is piercing through schools of smaller fish. The deadly combination of strength and strategy make them a formidable force to be reckoned with. It’s what makes them a highly prized game fish, with their fight on display when the tables turn and their defensive prowess engaged. They are one of the top prized catches of Cabo San Lucas.

About Striped Marlin

The striped marlin is in the billfish family, whose common features can include sharp bill (upper jaw) in front, long body, and large size. Cabo San Lucas is a hot spot for striped marlin, as well as blue marlin, black marlin, and other billfish like sailfish. While black marlin and blue marlin concentrate from spring through fall, striped marlin are abundant the rest of the time. Striped marlin are present in Cabo year round, at their best from November through May, and are the only marlin available from January through April.

Why do they Love Cabo?

Cabo San Lucas is the ideal environment for striped marlin. They are found in the Pacific, and enjoy the temperature of the water off Cabo San Lucas. Striped marlin are a migratory fish, and begin their journey in the central Pacific. Spawning does not occur in Cabo, but adults are found in here in high numbers, implying that there are better feeding opportunities than elsewhere. Indeed, the striped marlin benefit from Cabo’s nutrient rich ecosystem that supports smaller fish like sardines, mackerel, and squid, which they can consistently rely on for sustenance.

The Angling Technique

Due to their strength and size, heavy gear is required to contend with the striped marlin. Live bait is often used on a long line while trolling slowly. Since striped marlin are found sleeping or hunting near the surface, sight casting can be the quickest way to target them. Look for their dorsal fin or tail, and throw some bait their way.

Using a fighting belt is recommended, because the strength and persistence of the striped marlin can be very powerful, and you may end up battling it out with a big one. The striped marlin is prized for their strength, agility, and acrobatics. They are not one to back down from a fight, and will wear their opponent down by running away and leaping into the air.

Cabo San Lucas is the “Marlin Capital of the World”, and the proof is in the striped marlin fishing found here. They are one of the most exciting fish in the sea. Their fight is unmatched, their strength is what makes them the top of the chain in the ocean, and shows when on the line. Their jumps are not only spectacular, it makes them even harder to contend with. They are impressive not only during a fight, but up close as well. If you’re lucky enough to get near one, you won’t soon forget it.