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Is December a good time to visit Cabo San Lucas?

Should you visit Cabo San Lucas in December? Yes! We have all of the tips to help make your December trip a success. A lot of people wonder what the best time to visit Cabo San Lucas is. It is widely reported that December is the most traveled month for Los Cabos. Thanks to the holidays and weather, it is a popular choice for many visitors. There are a lot of reasons why Cabo is so inviting during this month, but don’t be deterred by the prospect of crowds. Read on to find out how you can travel here during peak season, and still have the best vacation ever!

How to Beat the Crowds

Many travelers enjoy visiting Cabo in December to mark a holiday, take time off with family, and get away from the cold winters. It is indeed a popular time, so planning ahead is a good way to get the best rates and reservations. Make your December trip unique by exploring off the beaten path in nearby area. Go diving in Cabo Pulmo, ride horses in Los Barriles, or ATV through Todos Santos. Visiting these relatively remote areas on a day trip during your vacation can give you a greater appreciation for the area.

Another way to beat the crowds, even during a month as frequently traveled as December, is by booking a charter. Whether you’d like to take advantage of the world-class fishing, or stunning scenery from aboard a yacht, a Cabo charter is a great option for winter travels. From couples to families large and small, you’ll be able to choose the right yacht for your group for the perfect day on the water. Check out our charter fleet page for more info.

About the Weather

December is mild overall, not getting too warm or cold throughout the month. You won’t see hardly any rain, as the summer storms are long gone by now. Yes, you can still swim in Cabo during December, thanks to warm water temperatures.

The average high in December is around 79 degrees, with a low of 59. Most days are overcast. We recommend packing  shorts or light pants, a light jacket for boating, sandals as well as hiking shoes.

Popular Activities in December

Cabo offers exciting adventures year-round, and December is no exception. The mild weather will allow you to spend more time outdoors without getting too much sun. It&rsquos the perfect time to go hiking in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains, offering many trails and breathtaking vistas.

December is the beginning of our whale watching season. See Humpback and Gray Whales as their migratory path brings them into the waters off Los Cabos. Many visitors come each year just for the incredible opportunity to get up close, if you’ve never seen a whale, Cabo is a great place to check them out.

Fishing is as good as ever during December, with all of the popular big game species available. We see high volumes of Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and Wahoo this month. The weather is just about perfect for fishing, and will make your day a sure success. Get in touch to book your charter, and experience the best fishing in Cabo San Lucas!