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Cabo Fishing Tips

Want to have the best Cabo fishing trip? If you’re coming to Cabo San Lucas and plan on going fishing, make sure to get the scoop on what’s going on in the water. We’ve come up with a list of pro tips so you can be in the know for your Cabo fishing trip. We’ll be filling you in on fishing technique, the hottest fishing grounds, and more!

Fishing Technique in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is in a class of its own. The area is known for thrilling big game fish like marlin, and impressive tropical fish like dorado. Anglers come from around the world to enjoy the amazing fishing found here, and to experience the unique fishing of Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is home to many rare species that are primarily interested in feeding. These fish are tough fighters, and anglers will need to get their interest in order to hook one. In Cabo, one technique is trolling, which is used to cover ground at attract billfish and other gamefish. Another way to get Cabo fish interested is by tossing live bait where they might be. Sometimes, you may even spot a marlin “sunning” near the surface.

What to Expect When You Hook Cabo Fish

Once you get a Cabo fish hooked, prepare for a fight. The fish found here are incredibly strong, fast, and intelligent so it can be some of the most challenging angling in the world (but also the most thrilling). Marlin are known for going on long runs into the depths, and wearing out anglers that way. Yellowfin tuna are some of the fastest fish in the water, and will use their speed and strength to get away. Cabo fish are highly intelligent predators, as well as some of the most physical fish in the ocean. Cabo fishing is truly on another level, and will surely be a memorable experience for even the most experienced anglers.

Where To Go Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

There are tons of fishing spots in the water surrounding Cabo San Lucas. Depending on what you want to target, a captain can take you to different fishing grounds based on their knowledge and what’s currently biting. One of our favorite marlin spots is the Finger Banks, located north of Los Cabos. If you’re interested in fishing closer in, you’ll find an array of smaller tropical fish like roosterfish, grouper, snapper, and jack. Some of the classic Cabo fishing spots include the Golden Gate Bank, the San Jaime Bank, the 95, the 1150, and the Gordo Banks. Your captain will know which spots are best for your interests, and can help you make the most of your time on the water.

When To Come To Cabo San Lucas

The great thing about fishing in Cabo San Lucas is that regardless of when you choose to visit during the year, you are sure to have a great time. Winter fishing in Cabo San Lucas has amazing striped marlin fishing and plenty of inshore fishing. Springtime in Cabo features swordfish and the added perk of whale watching. Summer fishing in Cabo is one of the best times for marlin with awesome black marlin, blue marlin, and striped marlin at their best. Fall fishing in Cabo is some of the best, with all of the popular marlin and gamefish available and the excitement of tournaments throughout the season.

Best Cabo Fishing Charters

The best way to ensure your Cabo fishing trip is a success is by choosing the best Cabo fishing charter. Be sure to go with a Cabo charter that has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to make the most of your time on the water. At Picante, we are guided by our principals of consistency, customer satisfaction, and a commitment to excellence. How does this help you have the best Cabo fishing experience? You’ll be able to count on our consistent quality in yachts, gear, and interact with knowledgable captains and crew. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, so we go the extra mile to put you on the fish and strive to make your Cabo fishing trip memorable. At Picante, excellence is our standard we’re always looking for ways to exceed expectations and be the best in Cabo fishing charters. Our team is dedicated to showing each guest a world-class sportfishing experience from start to finish.

We hope these Cabo fishing tips will help you next time you come visit. Cabo San Lucas has some of the best fishing that can be found anywhere in the world! If you’re planning your next fishing trip, get in touch with us to fish with the best Cabo fishing charter.