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Cabo Fishing in November

Cabo Fishing in November is excellent, with fantastic weather and many sought after species in high availability. We see a continuation of the great fall fishing season, with tons of billfish and smaller gamefish in the water. The average high for Cabo in November is 87 °F, which is perfect for spending a day fishing. Read on to learn about what fish are biting in Cabo San Lucas in November.

Sailfish Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

If you like to angle for something fast, there’s nothing better than sailfish fishing in Cabo. A member of the billfish family, sailfish can be distinguished by their large dorsal fin that resembles a boat&rsquos sail. While their marlin cousins are physically stronger, the sailfish are known for their super speeds and can swim over 65 miles per hour. They also will put up a huge fight and get out of the water to do aerial jumps and flips on the line. Sailfish are physically striking, growing up to ten feet and typically weigh 120 pounds. If you get the chance to pull one in, make sure to get a photo to remember this Cabo fishing favorite. Sailfish are one of the most popular choices for Cabo fishing in November, so if you&rsquore interested this is a great month to come out.

Wahoo Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo has some of the best wahoo fishing in the world! The waters of Cabo San Lucas attract a high volume of wahoo to the area, and November is a great time to target these popular fish. They&rsquore distinguished by their elongated body and white stripes. Wahoo can be found closer to shore, usually on their own but sometimes in large groups if there are good feeding conditions. When you get one on the line, be prepared for their aggressive first run, which comes with their speedy 60 mile per hour swimming. An added perk to catching a wahoo is getting to try it fresh, they are fished commercially and are quite popular.

Dorado Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing in Cabo in November often includes dorado. Dorado, Spanish for “golden” in reference to their iridescent skin, is an angler favorite for fall fishing. They grow to be an average of 25 pounds and three feet in length. Dorado are known for their unique and beautiful appearance, featuring a tall dorsal fin and mesmerizing color. To get one hooked up, toss some live bait when you spot some frigate birds. They love Cabo San Lucas in November because they are successful at feeding the waters. You may find them in schools, and mixing with other fish like yellowfin tuna.

Tuna Jackpot Tournament

If you’re coming to Cabo San Lucas in November you can still make it in time for some awesome tournament action! The Western Outdoor Network Tuna Jackpot is going on from November 6th through the 9th. This is the last Cabo tournament of the year, and it’s a great way to finish out the season. Last years jackpot total was over $800,000 so get your team together for this unique and exciting tourney.

How is Cabo fishing in November? The answer is excellent! There are so many different fish species to choose from, and anglers will enjoy the fantastic weather. November is great because you can target the famous marlin Cabo is known for, as well as others like sailfish, wahoo, dorado, and many more.

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