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Cabo Fishing in March

Fishing Cabo San Lucas? March is a great time to visit Cabo, and experience the ultimate thrill of a deep sea fishing adventure. Read on to learn more about the type of fishing that’s expecting this time of year.

Cabo San Lucas is beautiful in March, and is a popular time to visit for a number of reasons. In the water, you can experience incredible whale watching, snorkeling, and of course, top tier fishing. The skies are clear and the water is beginning to warm up as winter turns to spring. Between ideal weather conditions and tons of action waiting in the ocean, March is a great time to go fishing in Cabo San Lucas.

These are three of the top catches for the month of March:

Striped Marlin

Striped marlin are as good as ever in the month of March. We’re lucky to have marlin fishing year round, and while black and blue marlin recede from January into spring, Striped Marlin are at their best. Striped marlin peak in the fall, and are excellent well into the spring, making them a top choice for Cabo fishing in March.

One of our preferred fishing spots is the Finger Banks, located 50 miles northwest of Cabo San Lucas. It is arguably the best location in the world for striped marlin fishing, because it is a favored tidal zone that they can&rsquot resist. There is the potential to catch double digits and get tons of action with so many in one place. Hit the water with some live bait and the eager striped marlin will show their interest fast.

Yellowfin Tuna

We see yellowfin tuna year round in Cabo San Lucas, and if you know where to go it can be excellent in March. The yellowfin are a schooling species, forming based on size. Since they are very sociable, other tuna, such as skipjack and bigeye can be found traveling with yellowfin. They are also known to associate with spotted dolphin, so if you see a pod, there is likely a school of yellowfin close by.

The best place to go fishing for yellowfin tuna is on the Pacific side of the peninsula. The San Jaime Bank and Golden Gate Bank are some of the best places for many species, and yellowfin tuna are no exception.

Sierra Mackerel

Sierra mackerel are a popular choice for March, as they the enjoy cooler waters of late winter. They are the most available gamefish from Cabo to Central America, and are one of the most commercially fished species in the Pacific. You’ll find large sierra schools close to the surface inshore, feeding on small prey, such as anchovies. They are long and slim, with bright yellow dots, and are typically around one to two feet, maxing out at 39 inches.

Sierra are a challenge because of their keen eyesight they won’t bite if they detect a line, so you have to use light wire. On the flip side, their sharp teeth can easily break through a line, so getting one hooked can be tricky. Be prepared for the sierra’s speed and fight, as they are an aggressive species.

Cabo fishing in March is known for excellent striped marlin, and the opportunity to target massive schools of fish on the Pacific side of the peninsula. When you find fish, the action begins and doesn’t let up. The waters are packed with tons of hard fighting striped marlin, tuna, sierra, and more. Come to Cabo in March to experience top tier sportfishing in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.