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All About Fishing Cabo San Lucas

If you’ve never had the chance to experience fishing Cabo San Lucas, you’re in for an awesome new adventure. You might be wondering what makes Cabo a world class fishing destination, and why it’s known as the best spot for big game sportfishing. Fishing Cabo can be some of the fastest, most thrilling angling, so those looking for the ultimate fight will feel right at home here. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your time fishing Cabo San Lucas.

About the Fish

There are tons of options as far as species throughout the year. Fishing Cabo San Lucas often includes at least one day focused on Marlin. As the Marlin Capital of the World, Cabo has a reputation as one of the top fisheries for Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Striped Marlin, as well as other billfish. The opportunity to catch dozens of Marlin has cultivated a large following among anglers, and has made tournaments like the Bisbee’s Black and Blue a popular event each October. Marlin are a top choice for expert anglers, but are accessible to anyone willing to put some muscle into it. Going with a guided charter will allow everyone in your group an opportunity to see what all the excitement is about.

The Dorado is one of Cabo’s most sought after fish, and is excellent all summer long. It&rsquos a great option for all skill levels, and a favorite for many reasons. Their beauty is unparalleled, glowing bright yellow-green. Also known as Mahi-Mahi, which translates to “very strong”, the Dorado has earned a reputation for their power on the line. They are also one of the most commercially fished species, and are a popular eating fish throughout the world.

Yellowfin Tuna are another popular choice, and are abundant in the fall and winter. If you’re out fishing Cabo, you’ll notice that our Yellowfin Tuna can be larger than in other areas. That’s because the waters of Cabo give them plenty of opportunities to feed, making it the perfect environment for growing to a large size. You’ll know you have one on the line when you see their trademark yellow dorsal fin, but be ready to contend with their strength and speed!

About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is consistently one of Mexico&rsquos top vacation destinations, and has a multitude of activities and points of interest to enjoy. Cabo San Lucas is located on the southern tip of Baja, and experiences a distinctive tropical desert climate. Sunshine, sandy beaches, and beautiful sights draw those from all around the world, and often becomes a regular spot for travelers who seek paradise.

Cabo offers exciting opportunities for adventurers like hiking Mt. Solmar, riding ATVs at Migrino Beach, and snorkeling at Land’s End. If you want to try something completely new, and have a lot of fun, Cabo has what you’re looking for. Fishing Cabo San Lucas can be exciting, or more laid back based on your preference. Your guide can take you to Marlin hot spots for a day of nonstop action, or you can opt to target smaller species and enjoy some snorkeling from your yacht.

Cabo has plenty of things to satisfy the traveler who seeks relaxation and wants to unwind. The town features endless options for fine dining, spa treatments, and incredible resorts. The downtown area is peppered with hip nightclubs and restaurants that have earned Cabo a reputation as a nightlife capital. If you want to get away from the crowds, take a private cruise and experience a luxurious evening on the water with your friends and family.

Cabo San Lucas has something for everyone, and might just have everything you could want in a vacation destination. Cabo is the perfect place for thrill-seekers as well as travelers who simply want to soak up the sun.

Between all of the action happening in the Sea of Cortez and the fun that can be had on dry land, Cabo is the ultimate destination for fishing and recreation. Fishing Cabo San Lucas is a top tier experience that brings avid anglers back to the waters time and time again.

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