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August 2022 – Cabo fishing report

FISHING REPORT - August 2022 - Picante Sportfishing

Catch of the day at the Cabo San Lucas Bay
August is characterized by being a month of good fishing in Los Cabos and this August was no exception, lots of Bulls Dorado, Tuna, Striped Marlin and we continue to see an increase in numbers of Blue marlin and reports of Black marlin in Cabo .Warming up for the October tournaments!

The best bait/lure was Caballito and Live mackerel.
Some of the best Cabo fishing spots this month were: Golden Gate, La Herradura and Migriño.

September is one of the best months for fishing in Los Cabos, Do you want to know what fish you will find in Cabo during the next few months? Take a look at our Cabo fishing calendar

Cabo San Lucas Weather Conditions

Air: HIGH 90 °F / LOW 80 °F
Water: SEA OF CORTEZ 82 °F | PACIFIC 78 °F
Humidity: 69 %
Wind: 14-16 mph
Fish Available: Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado

Today’s Date: August 31th, 2022

31’ CABO Express Picante Expresso released 17 Striped marlin weighing around 100-120 lb, plus 2 Sailfish, they also boated 4 nice yellowfin tuna and 7 Dorado.

The 31 ft Albermarle Ram Rod released 6 Striped marlin and landed 4 Tuna and 4 Dorado.

The 32’ Cabo Express Picante Express released 19 Striped marlin and 1 Blue Marlin, boated 6 yellowfin tuna and 4 nice for tacos!

Salsa, the Cabo Express 35’ released 9 Striped marlin and 3 Blue Marlin more for the archive plus 1 Sailfish, they also boated 23 yellowfin tuna for sashimi and 11 dorado for the count.

Picante Dream our 35’ Cabo Flybridge, released 10 striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish around 75 lb, they also landed 8 Mahi and 5 tuna more for the count.

Picante Pride, Cabo Express 36’ released 10 Striped marlin and 2 Blue Marlin and landed 5 yellowfin tuna and 8 dorado

The average weight of the Striped marlin was between 100 and 150 lb, and the Blue Marlin between 210 and 350 lbs.

45’ Cabo Express yacht, Picante 45, released 11 Striped Marlin and 1 Blue marlin, landed 15 yellowfin tuna and 6 dorado for the plate.

Caliente 45, Cabo Express 45’ released 17 Striped marlin and 2 Blue marlin and one more Sailfish for the archive, also they boated 8 yellowfin tuna and 7 dorado for grill.

Jnune Fish Count
Please note that the number of specimens does not reflect the number of charters of each yacht.

Cabo San Lucas has an excellent offshore fishing sometimes right out of the Bay! In addition, we are close to the Marlin and Tuna action at the famed Ocean Pacific Banks as the Golden Gate and the Finger Bank, the waters here are the yearlong home to Striped Marlin. Give us a call to book a fishing trip of a lifetime.

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