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April 2022 Fishing Report

April 2022 - Fishing Report

Yellowfin tuna and Dorado aboard the Picante 45
Greetings from the beautiful, warm and sunny Cabo San Lucas!
April was a tuna month in Cabo! We started the month with slow activity at the Cabo San Lucas waters, with 1 or 2 Striped marlin released per boat. The second half of April the water warmed up a few degrees making Yellowfin tuna fishing good and an April full of sashimi this year!
The best bait/lure was Caballito, Live mackerel and hoochis.
Some of the best locations this month were: La Herradura and Los Arcos
Inshore fishing were good for Sierra mackerel, you should try the sierra chicharrones, delicious!

Learn more about the fishing in Cabo San Lucas and take a look at our Cabo fishing calendar to know the species most likely to bite during Spring and Summer. During May, there may be Dorado, Swordfish and Striped marlin, plus the inshore fish Grouper, Snapper and Roosterfish 

Cabo San Lucas Weather Conditions

Air: HIGH 76 °F / LOW 63 °F
Humidity: 52 %
Wind: 10-20 mph
Fish Available: Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Toro, Sierra

Today’s Date: May 2nd, 2022

31’ CABO Express Picante Expresso released 8 Striped Marlin and boated 12 Yellowfin tuna for our anglers´s family dinner. The Picante Expresso reported 1 Mahi and a good load of Sierra.

Ram Rod, Albermarle 31’ released 2 Striped Marlin for the count, plus 14 Yellowfin tuna weighing around 15-20 lb, they also boated 2 nice Dorado. Look this great picture of father and son with their catch of the day aboard the Ram Rod.

The 32’ Cabo Express, Picante Express released 8 Striped and boated 4 Dorados and 10 Yellowfin tuna, they also caught 4 Skipjacks.

Salsa, the Cabo Express 35’ released 6 Striped marlin and landed 11 Tuna, plus 4 Skipjack and 2 Dorado.

Picante Dream our 35’ Cabo Flybridge had a great April, the anglers aboard release 5 Striped Marlin by La Herradura. They also boated 16 nice Yellowfin for a fresh sashimi, 3 Dorado, 10 Skipjacks and lots of sierra for ceviche.

Picante Pride, Cabo Express 36′ released 8 Striped for the count and a bunch of sierras. Thay also boated 15 Yellowfin tuna.

The 45’ Cabo, Picante 45 released 6 Striped Marlin, landed 10 Yellowfin tuna around 15-25 lb and 6 Dorado.

Caliente 45, Cabo Express releases 4 Striped marlin for the archive, boated 4 Dorado and 14 Yellowfin tuna.

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Bait, bait, bait!
APRIL FISH COUNT Please note that the number of specimens does not reflect the number of charters of each yacht.
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