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Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean, there lies a town that was built on Sportfishing. Los Cabos boasts unique nutrient rich waters that produce record breaking game fishes like wahoo, tuna, mahi and of course marlin, attracting anglers and fishing teams across the globe.

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 2019

These characteristics, together with the location and facilities of our tourist destination, make Cabo San Lucas an excellent place for the most famous and richest fishing tournaments in the world.

In this article we leave you 5 of the most important tournaments that take place  here in Cabo San Lucas, starting next October, you will find the dates of each one, registration fees, prizes and some other details.

Picante Cabo Express 35′ “Salsa” Team, Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament 2019

Picante crews are recognized as one of the most elite group of fisherman in the sport-fishing world. They are an active, adventurous market whose passions are inspired by Los Cabos salt water. They are educated anglers, professionals from fishing families who build their lifestyles around a love for fishing and all that comes with it including tournaments. As owners and operators of our yachts, Picante fleet is in excellent condition, as our Captains and crew as well as our maintenance team take care of it with diligence, with that said, we just want to inform you that we are excited and more than ready to enjoy another season of tournaments in Cabo with you. 

“Picante Pride” at Shotgun start Los Cabos Billfish Tournament 2019 



October 11-15, 2020

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is hosted by the Los Cabos Tourism Board, and produced by Bonnier Events, in partnership with Marlin magazine, Sport Fishing magazine and Salt Water Sportsman magazine.

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a three day team event with top team honors going to the team that tallies the most billfish points. The tournament pays down to first, second and third places. Optional billfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado jackpots will also award cash and prizes.

The 2019 tournament produced 62 Billfish releases and awarded around $780,000 in cash and prizes to fishing teams catching the largest marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and mahi, as well as the top three billfish-release-points teams and daily high-point-release teams.

The base entry fee is $5,000 per team (up to six registered anglers).


October 11: Final Registration, Captains Meeting and Kickoff Party from 5:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the Playa Grande Resort.

October 12, 13  and 14: Fishing days

From 6:45 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. visual checkout from Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Los Cabos marinas. Shotgun at 7:30 a.m. Lines Out (stop fishing) at 4:30 p.m. Weigh-in and release video check-in at Marina Fundadores in Cabo San Lucas.

October 15-: Gala Awards Dinner at Playa Grande Resort Beachside Terrace 7:30 p.m.

More info: www.loscabostournaments.com


Bisbee&rsquos Black & Blue Tournaments have been taking place in the Los Cabos for over 35 years and these are from the worlds richest fishing tournaments. The Bisbee&rsquos are currently producing three tournaments: Bisbee&rsquos East Cape Offshore in Buenavista which takes place regularly each July, this year was last August, and the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament (aka Little Bisbees) and Black & Blue Marlin Tournament which take place every October in Cabo San Lucas and this year is no exception

This year the East Cape Offshore tourney cracked the million-dollar mark prize for the first time and the largest Blue marlin ever caught in the 21 year history: 704 pounds.


October 15-18, 2020

The base entry fee is $1,500 per team (up to four registered anglers), with $500, $1k, $2k, $5 k Daily jackpots, daily game fish jackpot and release category, going &ldquoacross the board&rdquo (entering all the mainstream categories) cost $ 22,500.


October 15: 3:00-7:00 pm Registration and Captains Meeting at the Puerto Paraiso Mall.

October 16 and 17:  Fishing days 1 & 2

8:00 am Shotgun Start. 8:00 am-5:00 pm Tournament Fishing lines must be out of the water by 5:00 pm and weigh station is open in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall until 9 pm.

October 18:  Awards celebration, 7 pm at Maria Corona restaurant, open to tournament participants only.        

Last year were 192 fish caught or released during the tourney, including 10 dorado 95 Striped marlin, 61 Blue marlin, 10 black marlin, 3 sailfish, and a spearfish. Tournament team payouts distributed $1,274,150.   

For tournament rules and details please check www.bisbees.com


October 20-24, 2020

This October is the 40th Anniversary for the Bisbee&rsquos Black & Blue Marlin Jackpot Tournament.

Each team paid a $5,000 base entry and teams can contribute to various jackpots, and going &ldquoacross the board&rdquo &mdash entering all the mainstream categories &mdash cost $71,500.


October 20:  3-7 pm Registration and Captains Meeting at the Puerto Paraiso Mall. 8:00 pm Opening Ceremonies begin.

October 21, 22 and 23: 3 Fishing days

8:00 am Shotgun Start. 8:00 am-5:00 pm Tournament Fishing lines must be out of the water by 5:00pm. 2:00pm-9:00pm Weigh Station is open in front of the Puerto Paraiso Mall, boats inside the harbor entrance by 9:00pm can weigh.

October 24:  Awards celebration, 6 pm at A.P.I. Cruise Ship Pier, open to tournament participants only.          

Last year, in the 39th annual Bisbee Black and Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament 126 boats and 862 anglers took part, and the prize payout was a whopping $4,500,000 for the eight winning teams. Bisbees Black and Blue 2019 was a success with the biggest jackpot awarded yet and the tourney also made sportfishing history by awarding 3 checks over a million dollars.

For more info and rules check www.bisbees.com

Bisbees Black & Blue Marlin fishing Tournament

The fourth big game tourney in Cabo after Los Cabos Billfish Tournament and the two Bisbee&rsquos is the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot.


November 4-7, 2020

The base entry fee is $1,000 per team (up to four registered anglers), with $500, $1k, $2k, $5k, $10k and 20k optional tuna daily jackpots and wahoo and dorado categories $500 each day.

Tournament Schedule

November 3: Voluntary Pre-check for teams who have no roster changes, 1 to 4 p.m at Tesoro resort Conference Hall.

November 4: Check-in 1 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Tesoro Cabo Marina weigh-in area.

November 5 and 6: Fishing days.

Shotgun start 7 a.m. at the Cabo Arch, 7:00 am-4:00 pm Tournament Fishing lines must be out of the water by 4:00 pm, Weigh-in 3 p.m.- 6 p.m

November 7: Awards Dinner at cruise line pier by 5:30 pm.

2019 Los Cabos Tuna attracted 154 teams and paid out $1,016,700 to eight teams, including two teams that won over $300,000.

See tournament rules and more at loscabostunajackpot.com


November 17-20, 2020

This tournament is the only FREE angler-entry tournament in Los Cabos!

Free entry for visiting anglers and $40,000 in cash plus prizes

All anglers must register and receive confirmation of registration on the official tournament website or on site on November 17 at Fisherman&rsquos Landing restaurant at Marina Fundadores in Cabo San Lucas from 5 to 7 p.m.  or at San Jose at Puerto Los Cabos Palapas from 3 to 5 p.m

November 18, 19 & 20 – Fishing days

The fishing begins each day at 6:30 a.m. the competitors must be checked in to weigh fish by 4:30 pm. Cabo San Lucas weigh-in at the Marina Fundadores Weigh-Gantry and if fishing in San Jose at the Puerto Los Cabos Palapas weigh-in location.

For more Info and rules visit: www.loscabostournaments.com/los-cabos-big-game-charter-boat-classic-awards/

This year has been tough for everyone, luckily fishing has been an incredible and safe escape for many fishing enthusiasts and the tournament season is a great hope and incentive for the entire sportfishing community in Cabo, so we reiterate to our clients that we are more than prepared and waiting for you with great excitement, ready to win!

Tournament atmosphere, great crews, delicious food and same amazing fishing are waiting for you.

Fish with the winners!

Picante Express running at the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Fishing Reports

August Brings Blue Marlin out to Play as Tuna Sightings Continue


This month we had a couple of storms that kept the Cabo San Lucas port closed some days, so production fell slightly, nevertheless Picante fleet has been having double and triple up on the Mahi and Yellowfin tuna, our clients are enjoying a nice bite as storm conditions reside, schooling mahi are biting close to old lighthouse up past migriño.

Air: 88 °F / 78 °F
Water: Sea of Cortez 85 °F | Pacific 80 °F
Humidity: 65 %
Wind: 11 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado/Mahi
Today’s Date:September 03, 2020

Monthly Fishing Report:

Picante Sportfishing Fishing Report

Cabo Express 31 “Picante Expresso” released 13 nice Striped Marlin, boated 8 yellowfin tuna and 3 dorado.

The fast Cabo Express 32 “Picante Express” released 8 beautiful Striped Marlin, and boated 10 yellowfin tuna and 6 dorado.

Yellowfin tuna and mahi mahi were some of the most rewarding catches in August. Some of the best catches for both these fish weigh in at over 70 pounds, most boats are getting between 4-7 strikes per day, though if you&rsquore looking for a good dinner, going for those two offers a good fight and a great sashimi.

“Salsa” Cabo Express 35ft released 5 Striped Marlin and boated 8 yellowfin tuna and 3 nice Mahi for the count.

Our 35ft Cabo Flybridge “Picante Dream” released 12 Striped Marlin around 110-130 lbs by Gaspareño spot and landed 5 Yellowfin tuna by 95 spot, they also boated 1 nice dorado for dinner.

For Marlin fishing we’ve had the most success trolling live caballito bait and casting

Cabo Express 36ft “Picante Pride” caught and released 11 Striped marlin around the 130 pounds, landed 4 big tunas weighing between 25 and 30 pounds and 1 more Mahi for the count.

Are you wondering what happens to the fish you catch? We take care of cleaning it and filleting it for you so you can take it to your resort or favorite restaurant to get it cooked, there is nothing more enjoyable than savoring your own fresh catch, also we can arrange for you to take your fish back home, whether natural or smoked, it is frozen and vacuum packed so that you can take it on the airplane.

Picante, our classic 40ft Tollycraft released 10 Striped marlin, boated 1 Yellowfin tuna and 1 Dorado.

Our beauty blue machine 45ft Cabo Express, Picante 45, had 8 Striped Marlin close to Golden Gate bank hitting mostly on caballito bait, they also landed 6 Yellowfin tuna and 1 Dorado the last month.

Caliente 45 our hot Cabo Express 45 got the second big Blue Marlin from the season for the fleet, a 485 lb large fish that fought 2 hours and 20 minutes hooked on a Guacamayo lure about 27 miles out of Cabo San Lucas bay. They also landed 13 Striped Marlin, 3 Yellowfin tuna and 2 Dorado too.

485 lb Blue Marlin

Picante Sportfishing does not land any Billfish unless we are participating in a tournament, unfortunatelly this blue died during the fight and the anglers decided to weigh it and donated to the crew.

Total Catch:

Hotspots: 95, Gaspareño, Golden, Old Lighthouse, Cerritos
Captain: Fernando Rodriguez
Angler:Grant Jones
Caught: 5 Yellowfin Tuna, 3 Dorado

If you go offshore fishing with Picante, your soon realize why Cabo San Lucas is known for year-round Marlin sportfishing, but if you come to fish August through October you can hook most game fish species.

So if you’re planning to book a fishing trip, Cabo waters are a paradise for saltwater anglers! Contact us!