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Fishing Reports

August 28, 2018 Blue Marlin bites everywhere in Cabo San Lucas

Air:High 88 °F / Low 78 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 86 °F – 90 °F | Pacific 83 °F – 86 °F
Wind:WNW  6 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish
Today’s Date:August 28th, 2018

Daily Fishing Report:

Blue Marlin were about the mainly game i n town this week. The weather some days would be baking hot, then the next breezy and fresh which caused the water temperature drop degrees this week.

Our Picante fleet have a good days with Blue Marlin,  Picante 45 caught and released a 240 lbs Blue Marlin by Gordo Bank and our Picante 29 Blackfin released two Blue Marlin 120 lbs and a 280 lbs by la Herradura spot.

Magnum 33’ft Magbay released a Blue Marlin  370lbs by la Herradura and Dream 35ft Flybridge released a 200 lbs Striped Marlin and a Sailfish 100 lbs by 95 spot.

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Total Catch:4 Blue Marlin, 1 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish
 Top Boat:Magnum 33’ft Magbay
Captain:Ricardo Gonzalez
Angler:Larry Plumb
Caught:1 Blue Marlin
Fishing Reports

August 14th, 2018 Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin bite everywhere in Cabo San Lucas….

Today’s Date:August 14th, 2018

Air:High 87 °F / Low 76 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 81°F – 86 °F | Pacific 78 °F- 82 °F
Wind:WSW 5 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonitas

Daily Fishing Report:

An other amaizing day in Cabo with the best fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas, yesterday was a perfect day and we saw really sunny at Cabo San Lucas, the water temperatures starting to creep up a little. Summer is definitely here, as we see our warm water loving Blue Marlin catches consistent and also good for fishing Striped Marlin.

Picante 45 our premier vessel a 45ft CABO Express relesed a Blue Marlin 400 lbs and a Striped Marlin 200 lbs, Salsa and Expresso released a Striped Marlin around 180-230 lbs each one.

And Dream a 35ft Flybridge released a Striped Marlin and 5 Bonitas 10lbs. by 95 spot.

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Total Catch:5 Striped Marlin, 1 Blue Marlin and 5 Bonitas.
Hotspots:95 / 1150
 Top Boat:Picante 45
Captain:Erik Chang
Angler:Paul Plotkin
Caught:1 Blue Marlin and 1 Striped Marlin
Fishing Reports

Picante Fish Report August 1-12th, 2018 Blue Marlin and Dorado Fishing in Cabo

Air:High 86 °F / Low 76 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 81 °F – 86 °F | Pacific 78 °F – 82 °F
Wind:WNW 11 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonitas
Today’s Date:August 13th, 2018

Daily Fishing Report:

After getting some rain and a single port closure due to inclement weather conditions during August we’ve caught and released a very good sized of Striped Marlin and Blue Marlin heaviest being over 100 lbs, on the other hand Dorados have not been very big but they had a good size for dinner and Anglers really enjoy fishing for these fish.

The overall catches on August for a total of 10 days fished reflected 7 Marlin , 25 Dorados, 68 Bonitas, 1 Shark and 2 Yellowfin Tuna.

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Team Piacante

Total Catch:7 Marlin , 25 Dorados, 68 Bonitas, 1 Shark and 2 Yellowfin Tuna.
Hotspots:95, 1150
 Top Boat:Express 32ft CABO Express
Captain:Fernando Rodriguez
Angler:The Tallent Family
Caught:1 Blue Marlin 300 lbs.
Fishing Reports

Rockstar! Offshore Tournament in Cabo San Lucas November 2-4th, 2018

Air:High 85 °F / Low 77 °F
Water:Sea of Cortez 81 °F – 86 °F | Pacific 78 °F – 82 °F
Wind:E 6 mph
Fish Available:Striped Marlin, Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna
Today’s Date:August 9th, 2018

Daily Fishing Report:

THE ROCKSTAR IS HEADING TO CABO! Expanding on our popular Rockstar! Offshore Tournament (Costa Rica), dates for the Inaugural Rockstar! Tuna Tournament presented by PELAGIC are set for November 2-4, 2018. Join us in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) to target some of the planet’s largest yellowfin tuna as November is prime season for XXL tuna off the Baja coast. Featuring daily parties, concerts, raffles, & much more, this is an event you definitely don want to miss!

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